Enable/Disable Syncing Cancelled Orders To Xero

When canceled orders are synced across to Xero they need to be manually cancelled. This takes up time to identify the cancelled orders so they can be closed

In the Xero settings in Veeqo you can now disable syncing across cancelled orders.

How To Set This Up

To stop cancelled Veeqo orders being synced across to Xero head to Settings>Accounting Integrations>Xero Preferences and under the Sales Invoice Settings tab choose No for Sync Cancelled Orders. 

Any new Xero integration connect to Veeqo after June 2021 will automatically be set to not sync across cancelled orders. 

For more information check out the Xero helpguide.

Shopify HS code and country of origin now in Veeqo

Our integration with Shopify now allows you to import product HS code and country of origin

Once your Shopify product is linked to a Veeqo product, we will pull down HS code and country of origin for it. 

To enable it, please visit "Advanced Settings" of your Shopify channel and enable “Import HS code and country of origin details” setting. After that details will appear in "Product Info" tab on product page and can be used for further actions. 

Brand New Redesign

What’s changed? The new interface will make it much easier for you to use Veeqo and will affect how pages within Veeqo will look. But don’t fear, it’s still the same Veeqo you know and love and you’ll still be able to use the platform in the same way you currently do.

We will also be upgrading some of the functionality for the following features:
Please click the links above to see the upgraded functionality in more detail.

Importing Canceled orders from eBay

Our last optimization of order pulling from eBay includes new feature with pulling ‘Canceled’ orders. Starting today all of your ‘Canceled’ orders from eBay will be pulled and mapped to ‘Canceled’ orders on Veeqo. 

Automatically Create Royal Mail Manifests

Sometimes it's easy to forget to create Royal Mail manifests, especially if you've already created one for orders shipped earlier that day!

Veeqo will now take care of this by automatically creating Royal Mail manifests at 11pm every day. This way you can be reassured that these un-manifested packages won't get lost or delayed as they make their way to your customers.

For more information on Royal Mail check out This Guide.

UPS WorldWide Economy Express

UPS WorldWide Express Economy is a service that allows you to group multiple shipments going to the same country together. This can save you money if you frequently ship lots of items to the same destination.

Note: This service is only supported when using your own UPS account. It is not available using Veeqo's UPS Discounted Rates. It is also only supported when shipping individual orders and not on the bulk shipping screen.

For more information on how to setup this service and start shipping check out This Guide

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