Charge customers cards while creating an order (Beta)

You can now charge your customer credit card from Veeqo. While creating a new order or adding a payment to an existing order you will have the option to add card details and charge them.captured (3).gif

Favourite Shipping Services

Hide Shipping services you do not use for a more streamlined shipping page. Only users with permissions to shipping settings can favourite the services.

captured (5).gif

*BETA* Amazon UAE Support

Our integration with Amazon UAE is going into public beta.

To enable it, log into Veeqo app and go to Settings > Stores and create new Amazon sales channel.

Veeqo will ask you to fill in MWS Auth Token. The MWS Authorization Token grants Veeqo access to your Amazon store. This is provided for you by Amazon once you have followed Steps 1-5 in the Amazon store set-up.

Marketplace ID of Amazon UAE: A2VIGQ35RCS4UG
Application Developer Account Number: 2480-8021-7159

More about setting up an Amazon store:

Note: Amazon Logistics carrier isn’t available in this country (it’s available only in Mexico, US, Germany, and UK) Logo

Show number of orders selected

At the top of the orders page, you can now see your total number of orders, the number of orders on that page and how many you have selected. captured (2).gif

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents is now enabled so you can transmit your customs documentation electronically. Avoid delays at customs and ensure the timely delivery of international shipments. Enable the setting in your FedEx connection


Auto-print your documents

Auto-print is a major time-saving feature in Veeqo. It allows you to set and print hundreds of documents directly to your printers. To make it even easier to set-up we have added an auto-setup feature. If you don't have Auto-print enabled a pop-up screen will launch when you try to print allowing you to easily install it.

Customs information for documents

Veeqo now provides information for customs (HS Code, Country of Origin) to Commercial Invoices, CN22 and packing slips templates. You can manage the format of your documents via the Printing Templates.
Customs Information

Amazon Mexico now live

We are delighted to announce that our integration with Amazon Mexico is now live. To enable it, log into your account and go to Settings > Stores and create a new Amazon sales channel.


Multiparcel for UK Mail

Multiparcel now available for UK Mail. Veeqo calculates the total weight of all parcels, the average dimension length and the number of parcels. A label is provided for each multiparcel.


DHL Return Labels

You can now print DHL returns labels to send with the parcels when shipping out orders. This can be used by the end customer to return their items at any point without having to contact customer service.


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