Connect Your Own Australia Post Account

Australia Post is now in Public Open Beta so you can connect your own account by going to Settings>Shipping>Connect. australia.gif

For more information on how to get Australia Post setup check out This Guide

Gross Unit Price On Order Export

A new field has been added to the Order CSV Export. price per-unit-including-tax is the gross amount for a single item. This is useful to calculate accurate tax rates before importing into your account package.

To create a new CSV click on the Export button from the Orders page. orderexport.gif For more information on this and other Order Export fields check out This Guide

Default To Minimum Dimensions For Australia Post (Beta)

When shipping using Australia Post it is required that at least 2 dimensions are 5cm or more. If a product that is being shipped is less than 5cm then Veeqo will send values of 5cm so than the item(s) can be shipped

dimensions.gif If you would like to take part in the Australia Post beta please fill out This Form

DHL Packet With Address In Line 2

For Orders that are being shipped to a company address it will sometimes have the street name in Address Line 2 and the Company Name in Address Line 1.

When shipping with DHL Packets Veeqo will now check for the street address in Line 1 and then Line 2. Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 12.42.57.png

Product Report Filters Fails To Load Order History

When attempting to filter the Products Report without selecting a date first the Order History would fail to load.

To view the Product Report go to Reports>Products Report. report.gif For more information on the Products Report check out This Guide

eBay Fees Incorrect

Some orders were showing discrepancies in the eBay fees. This was due to TAX calculations on the fees ebay.png

Products Report Brand Filter

When filtering by brands on the Products Report some of the orders would not be shown.

To check out the report click on Reports>Products Report brand.gif For more information check out This Guide

Reduce Server Load On Webstores

When updating product information in Veeqo from WooCommerce and Magento stores the amount of workload on the webstores servers have been reduced.

This results in faster product syncs. magento_vs_woocommerce_comparison.jpg

Check out the following guides for more information on

Orders Staying In Ready To Ship

A small number of orders were remaining in Ready To Ship after the order had been marked as shipped.

Prevent Duplicate Shipping Histories

When an order is shipped on some remote stores the order history shows multiple entries for shipping. Duplicate events are now prevented. Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 11.36.02.png

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