Warehouse team report - hourly break down

Get a refined break down of your warehouse teams progress with the new view by hour option in the Warehouse team report.

Selected the dates you want to review and the new line graph will show you your pickers trends over that period. The summary table will now by default show your pickers progress by the hour, giving you a clear view of how your team is working throughout the day.

Team report@2x.png

Royal Mail address issue

An issue occurred where the Country field on Royal Mail shipping label was not visible, due to some shipping addresses being too long.

This issue has now been resolved.


Include deleted shipment in order history

You can now view Deleted shipments in your order history. The information will include:

  • Date and time deleted
  • Who deleted the shipment
  • The shipping carrier

Screenshot 2020-01-09 at 10.51.56.png

Wholesale invoice page

Our new Wholesale invoice screen is now fully released so you can simply manage all of your Wholesale customer's invoices.

The new screen allows you to:

  • View all wholesale invoices on one page.
  • Instantly see where each customer is in their payment process.
  • View the date each invoice was sent, viewed and paid.
  • See which invoices are due, overdue, awaiting payment and paid.

Learn how to get started with Veeqo Wholesale by reading our help guides and watching our Wholesale tutorial

Invoice screen@2x-100.jpg

Sale report - remove comparison data

Simplify your sales report by removing date comparison information. Removing the comparison information from the graph, table and title bar.

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Invoice date now displayed on orders

Veeqo retailers with Wholesale customers can now see the date an invoice was sent as well as the date the order was created, at the top of their orders.

Making it clear when the payment terms began.

Screenshot 2019-12-19 at 09.13.48.png

Amazon gift messages

You can now view multiple Amazon gift messages for orders containing more than one item.

Gift messages are pulled down into internal note, with the name of the product the message is attached to.

Amazon gift wish@2x.png

New Products page now in BETA

We’ve rebuilt the Products page from the ground up to make it faster and easier to use. The update means every member of your team can get the information they need as quickly and simply as possible.

Here are the highlights:

  • Apply multiple filters for a refind search
  • See the filters you have selected at the top of the screen
  • More filters to choose from
  • Faster load time

We’re BETA testing this update to get as much feedback as possible before the full rollout. if you’d like to be involved in the BETA test, simply fill out the form here.

You can also read our help guide to see more about how our new product screen works.

Product page@4x-100.jpg

FedEx next day end of day service available for order rules

Streamline your shipping process by creating order rules in Veeqo, now with FedEx next day end of day service. captured (50).gif

MyHermes own account bulk shipping

You can now select your own MyHermes account to bulk ship your orders with. Select your orders, choose your MyHermes Own Account and click ship.

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