Searching within order filters

Orders now have the option to search all orders or within the selected order filters.

Printable product labels for variants

Now, product labels for variants are available for printing.

Amazon fees display as 0

Order screen - Amazon fees display as 0 when Amazon has not calculated it, so not available as it can take them 1-2 weeks. Change to "Pending" until Amazon has the fees ready for us to show.

eBay mapper cannot find a country by site code

eBay settings mapper cannot find a country by site code, preventing orders page from loading

Royal Mail Letterboxable Tracked services are incorrectly sent

Royal Mail Letterboxable Tracked services are incorrectly sent to OBA instead of pre-advice

Orders table wont load

Orders table wont load when order missing delivery method

Every WooCommerce order has internal note "stock reduced" note

Every WooCommerce order downloaded creates an internal note called "stock reduced" which has little value and waste user time reading it. Veeqo will ignore this note from WooCommerce now.

Export and import product properties

When you export your products to a CSV file you will now get an extra column with your product properties, which you can edit/add and then import back in to Veeqo

Filters orders by multiple sales channels

Filter you order list by selecting multiple sales channels plus a delivery method and warehouse.

See your Amazon fees per order

The fees Amazon charge you are now displayed in the order popup, just below the order total

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