Ignore Cancelled Orders On The Dashboard

The Dashboard accounts for orders if they are cancelled outside of the selected date range

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.31.07.png

Etsy Stock Sync Issues With Infinite Items

If a product is set to have infinite stock levels then Etsy would not sync this item. infinite.gif

SuperFast Image Updates

When deleting an image from products or variants this change will be visible right away. deleteimage.gif

Missing Products In Products Report Search

When searching for keywords in the Products Report the results wouldn't match the Products Page. This could result in some products not showing in the Products Report

To view this report check out Reports>Products Report productsearch.gif For more information on how to get the most out of the Products Report check out This Guide

Sales Report Showing Same Totals

When selecting some custom date ranges from the Sales Report the Totals shown would not update to reflect the newly selected dates.

To view the sales report go to Reports>Sales Report sales.gif For help on how to get the most out of the Sales Report check out This Guide

Android App - Orders will be filtered by selected order tags

Once orders have been filtered by order tag on the Android app, you can then create your pick list by your selected tag.

SuperFast Product Edits

If you edit the options of a variant the changes you make will now show on the product immediately. options.gif For more information on how to add and edit variant options check out This Guide

Deleting A Product Causes Issues With Auto Linking

If a recently added store creates a new product then if this product is deleted it could cause problems when auto-linking additional variants for the item. delete.gif To find out how to delete a product check out This Guide

Fetching Services With Amazon Shipping

Some users were having difficulty getting services when attempting to ship orders using Amazon Shipping. amazonlog.gif For more information on how to start shipping with Amazon check out This Guide.

International Shipments with Endicia

USPS international orders can now be single shipped and international labels and customs forms can be generated.

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