Download Unpaid WooCommerce Orders

If an order has been placed on your WooCommerce store and the payment hasn't completed Veeqo will pull this order in and automatically reserve the stock for this order.

To enable this option go to Settings>Stores and click onto your WooCommerce store and choose the Edit tab. You'll find the option in the How Orders Are Synced section

For more information on how to setup your WooCommerce store checkout This Guide

Customer Notes For API

If you are using the Public API you can now add notes to the customers.

Support Large Letter Delivery Confirmation

Royal Mail recently announced that they now support Delivery Confirmation for Large Letters for items sent using their Royal Mail 24® and Royal Mail 48® services.

Veeqo will now push up these tracking details and include them on the labels for these orders.

Improved Performance For Orders

  1. When adding lots of products to large orders the performance could sometimes be slow when adjusting stock levels. Large orders can now be created without the slow response

  2. When cancelling out of an order search performance was slow

Master of Price For Amazon Australia

You can now control the price of your Amazon Australia listings from within Veeqo. Checkout the Updating Your Store Prices guide for full details.

Advanced Payment Details By Braintree

For Magento users who accept payment by Braintree Veeqo will pull in the advanced payment information into the internal notes of each order. This is helpful if you need to regularly check your orders for possible fraud.

To enable this go to Settings>Stores and Edit your Magento store. In the section How Orders Are Synced enable the option Import Additional Payment Details.

For more information on other Magento store settings in Veeqo check out the Setup Magento Store guide

Support Chinese Character For Royal Mail

Customer addresses that contain Chinese characters can now be used when creating Royal Mail shipping labels.

Support Shopify POS Quick Sale Products

When creating a Shopify POS order using Quick Sale Products Veeqo will pull these orders in as normal. The Quick Sale Product will be created in Veeqo at the same time.

Number Of Orders On Export

When exporting orders by CSV an additional order was being included. The export will now only include orders from the selected filters on the orders page

Product Export Stuck In Notification Bell

Sometimes if there is an error on the Product Export this would get stuck in the notification bell. You will now receive an error message and the export will automatically be removed from the in-app Notifications

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