Custom Ship To Address For PO

When drafting a Purchase Order a custom Ship To Address can be used instead of the default Warehouse Address. If you choose to leave this blank the default address for the selected warehouse will be used.

To enable this to be shown on the Purchase Order PDF go to Settings>Printing Templates then hit Edit for the Purchase Order. In the Shipping text field delete its contents then add the Shipping Address. po shipp.gif For more information on how to use the Purchase Order feature check out This Guide

Update Shipped BigCommerce Orders

If an order is marked as shipped directly on the store this update the order in Veeqo as well. BigCommerce-logo-dark.png For more information on BigCommerce check out This Guide

Show Full Title On Scanner Stock Take

When using the Veeqo Scanner to perform a stock take the full product title would not be visible if it was particularly long.


For more information on Veeqo's Scanner Stock Take feature check out This Guide

Shopify Multi-Currency

Shopify recently released changes to how they handle Multi-Currency orders. Veeqo now supports these changes and the orders currency will be reflected in Veeqo shopify-setup-740x416.jpg For more information on Shopify check out This Guide

Australia Post Prevents Shipping Large Orders

When shipping an order with more than 20 products Australia post prevented the shipment from being created as there is a hard limit to the number of products.

To allow large orders to be shipped Veeqo will only send the first 20 products to Australia Post when creating a label.

download (3).png

Delivery Experience Option Action For Order Rules

When creating shipping rules for Amazon Logistics you can now pre-select a Delivery Experience such as Delivery Confirmation With Signature.

To create a new rule head to Settings>Rules and click + New rule experience.gif For more information on other available Actions please check out This Guide

Two Factor Authentication

For added security you can enable Two Factor Authentication for each user. When this option is enabled the user will receive a unique code in an email every time they attempt to log in. This will need to be entered before they can access Veeqo.

You can enable this for existing users by going to Settings>Users. Once you have selected the user hit the Edit option and check Enable Two Factor Authentication. 2fa2.gif For more information about creating new users check out This Guide

UPS Action in Rules

The option to select UPS services as an action in Rules is now available.

To create a new rule head to Settings>Rules. ups.gif To find out about other available actions check out This Guide

DPD Local Action in Rules

DPD Local can be selected to create shipping rules in Settings>Rules. dpd local.gif For more information on other available actions check out This Guide

Missing DPD Services On Order Rules

Some DPD Services were not available when creating Rules. All available DPD Services can now be used as an action.

To create a new rule go to Settings>Rules.


For more information check out This guide

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