Custom Store Icons

You can now assign a custom short name to your stores icons. This makes it super easy to identify which stores your orders have been placed on if you have multiple stores of the same type. Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 16.49.10.png

To select a short name for a store go to Settings>Stores and click on a store. Then go to the Edit tab and enter a 2 character Short Name for your store.

For more details check out This Guide

Amazon AU Link To Store

In Products>Listings there is an option to click onto a listing and then hit the View Listing On Amazon link. This should take you to view the product information on the relevant Amazon store. This has now been fixed for Amazon Australia. Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 09.02.24.png

Minor Royal Mail Changes

Royal Mail shipments using International Business Parcels Signed have a required minimum weight of 100g.

Unable To Create Fedex Shipments

Orders containing products without any preset weights could not generate new Fedex Shipping Labels.

New Products Added To Top Of Order

When creating orders in Veeqo the most recently added product is placed at the top of the products list This saves time, especially when creating very large trade orders.

For more help on how to create an order in Veeqo check out This Guide

Strip HTML From Amazon Lister

Some Veeqo products contain HTML code in the Product Description when it is created from other stores. Amazon does not allow HTML code in the Product Description when listing items. To prevent failed listings all HTML is ignored when listing to Amazon

Download Unpaid WooCommerce Orders

If an order has been placed on your WooCommerce store and the payment hasn't completed Veeqo will pull this order in and automatically reserve the stock for this order.

To enable this option go to Settings>Stores and click onto your WooCommerce store and choose the Edit tab. You'll find the option in the How Orders Are Synced section

For more information on how to setup your WooCommerce store checkout This Guide

Customer Notes For API

If you are using the Public API you can now add notes to the customers.

Support Large Letter Delivery Confirmation

Royal Mail recently announced that they now support Delivery Confirmation for Large Letters for items sent using their Royal Mail 24® and Royal Mail 48® services.

Veeqo will now push up these tracking details and include them on the labels for these orders.

Improved Performance For Orders

  1. When adding lots of products to large orders the performance could sometimes be slow when adjusting stock levels. Large orders can now be created without the slow response

  2. When cancelling out of an order search performance was slow

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