Include Order Discounts On Customs Documentation

When shipping international orders it's sometimes required to generate customs documentation. For the below carriers the order discounts weren't taken into account when submitting the value of the order. This would result in the end customer having to pay more on import fees than they should

  • Australia Post
  • DHL Express
  • DPD
  • DPD Local
  • MyHermes

Did you know that you can save HS/Tariff Codes on your products? That way when you create export shipments you don't need to manually add them every time. Check out This Guide to find out how.

Additional Zapier Properties For Orders

When using the Create Order action in Zapier you can now set the following:

  • Discounts
  • Shipping Cost
  • Tax rates for products

Zapier connects Veeqo with hundreds of other apps including CRM's, accounting apps, eMail marketing and spreadsheets (such as Mailchimp, Zendesk, Twitter and many more services to grow your business!)

download (4).png

For more information on how to use Veeqo and Zapier check out This Guide

Unable To Ship Internationally With USPS

Some orders couldn't be shipped to international destinations due to the package weight and product weights not matching. This was due to a rounding issue when Veeqo calculates total product weights for orders with multiple items.

Now the rounding has been removed so that the package weight matches the item weights


For more information on how to ship with USPS in Veeqo check out This Guide

Flexible DPD Collection Times

To get ahead of your backlog of orders you may want to continue shipping some orders with DPD after the DPD driver has collected orders for the current day.

To do this you need to have your DPD collection times set-up correctly in Veeqo otherwise customers may be sent inaccurate shipping dates by DPD.

To get your collection times set-up in Veeqo please contact a member of our support team who will be happy to help.


For more information check out This Guide

Hidden Carrier Connect Button

When on the free trial we show live rates for carriers that haven't been connected yet. You can connect the carrier when shipping an individual order to make it fast and easy to generate our first shipping label.

When selecting rates of one carrier then choosing another carriers rate this button would not show.

Now we show the Connect button whenever you click on the rate for a carrier you haven't connected

UPS Rules

Create rules for orders being shipped with Veeqo's UPS Discounted Rates. Now you can Auto select the right shipping carrier and service depending on order weight/value/destination/customer choice.

This can help prevent your packers form shipping orders with the carrier or service.

To get started head to Settings>Rules


For more information check out This Guide

UPS Return Labels

Create pre-printed return labels when shipping your orders using Veeqo's Discounted UPS Account. These return labels can be placed in the package when you ship the items to your customers, making it hassle free to return their items.

Just check Create return label when shipping the order.

ups return.gif

Alternatively you can hit the Return Label button in the shipment section of a shipped order.

For more information on shipping with Veeqo's Discounted Rates check out This Guide

Saved Package Beta Improvements

We've made some small tweaks to the current Beta for Saved Packages.

  • Toggle for CM and Inches - When creating a new package a larger window is shown where you can toggle between inches and CM. Leave the Package Name blank if you don't want to save the package as a pre-set to be used again.

  • Based on Product Dimensions - At any time you can switch back to using your product dimensions as your package size. Just choose Based on product dimensions from the Packages dropdown


With Saved Packages you don't have to enter the dimensions every time you ship an order with your custom boxes. When shipping an individual order just hit Save Custom Package once you have entered the dimensions of the box.

If you haven't yet filled out the Beta form and would like to try out the Saved Packages Beta please fill in your details here.

Set A Customer Facing Trading Name

When printing Shipping Labels in Veeqo we used the Warehouse Name as the company name for the return address. This made naming your warehouses tricky as ideally you would want a specific company name to appear on the labels, but you still need to easily identify your warehouses within Veeqo.

You can now set a Trading Name for each warehouse that will be used on Shipping Labels and Customs Paperwork.

trading name.gif To set this up go to Settings>Warehouses and click on the warehouse. Hit Edit and you will see the Trading Name field.

For more information check out This Guide

Bulk Ship With UPS Discounted Rates

Ship multiple orders in one go with our Discounted UPS Account. This can make processing your orders much faster when you have multiple orders that are to be dispatched with the same UPS service.

bulk ups.gif

To bulk ship your orders with UPS first filter all the orders that are to be shipped with the same UPS Service. Select them and hit Actions>Ship. You can then choose UPS from the list of carriers and select your service.

Check out This Guide for more information on setting up a discounted UPS account where you can save up to 62% off UPS 2nd Day AirĀ® service and up to 48% off UPSĀ® Ground shipments.