Stock Transfer User Permissions

Only certain users should be able to create or edit Stock Transfers. By default any users with either Admin, Purchaser, or Warehouse Manager can create or edit stock transfers. If you're an Admin you can remove or add this permission to your other roles by going to Settings>Permissions.

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For more information on User Permissions check out This Guide

Show Total Number of Unlinked Orders

A new Unlinked Orders filter is now available on the Orders page. If Veeqo was unable to download any orders from your stores because listings have not been linked to a Veeqo product the total number of these failed orders is shown in this filter.

When you click the filter you'll be taken to Products>Listings where you can link up your unlinked listings. Once this is done these orders will attempt to download into Veeqo on the next sync

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For more information on how to link your listings check out This Guide

Pick From Orders (Android/Scanner)

You can now pick items from the Order Summary on Android and the Veeqo Scanner. This is useful if you want to scan the barcode on an invoice and pick that specific order. Or if you need to quickly pick an order for a customer who is collecting from your store.

Note: You need to have your Default Warehouse selected as a user.


For more information on the Veeqo Scanner check out This Guide

Stock Transfer

Quickly and easily transfer stock between any of your warehouses in Veeqo. So you're always able to make sure you have the right inventory at the right locations to fulfil orders as fast as possible.

✅Create warehouse-to-warehouse transfers while seeing stock levels for each location.

✅View stock that's currently in-transit to and from each warehouse.

✅Maintain accurate stock histories with automatic updates when a transfer is made.

✅Keep track of which team members are creating and receiving transfers.

To get started go to Products>Stock Transfers warehouse transfer.gif

For more information check out This Guide

USPS Priority Mail Regional Flat Rate Boxes

Orders can be shipped using the USPS Priority Mail Regional Flat Rate Boxes service. usps_eagle-symbol.png

For more information check out This Guide

Cancel Order Button Restocks Too Much Inventory

When pressing the Cancel order button after creating Return Requests any items that have already been Received were also marked at returned. This would result in items getting marked as restocked twice.

The Cancel button now only returns items that have not previously been received by other requests. cancel.gif For more information check out This Guide

Incorrect Courier Used When Shopify Sent Emails To Customers

Orders that were shipped with Hermes World were notifying customers that the order was shipped with Canada Post. This resulted in some confusion from customers when they attempted to track their parcels. blog-shopify.jpg

Backorder Calculation Including Payment Required On Inventory Forecast (Beta)

When calculating the Backorder amounts the formula was also including orders that are Waiting For Payment. These orders could have been manually allocated for wholesale customers and are not waiting for stock.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 08.08.49.png

For more information check out This Guide

Error When Refunding To Shopify Without Returning

When attempting to update the Shopify order as refunded in Veeqo and there is no return quantity an error would occur. These refund amounts will now sync to Shopify and trigger refund payments to the customer where possible shopify.gif For more information check out This Guide

Users Timezone Ignored On Returns List

When viewing Orders>Returns the Return Created Date/Time did not reflect the users set timezone. This meant that it was difficult to work out when a return was actually created

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 07.50.58.png

For more information check out This Guide

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