Editing/creating an order was missing the last action towards the order total when saving

When the 'SAVE' button was pressed too soon when editing an existing order or creating a new one, sometimes this was missing the last action that affected the order total.

All variants of a product auto-generating on the supplier tab

When heading to the suppliers tab on a product, it was creating a supplier product variant for all suppliers - even without the reference number or cost price being added.

Now, the variants will only be created once they've had a reference number OR cost price added and the SAVE button has been pressed.

Product Variant Images shown on Picking List

Now, if you have specific variant images these will be shown on your printed picking list, instead of the main assigned product image.

Scanner - Show Variant Details After Barcode Scan

If you have barcodes for your variant products you can now scan the variants barcode from the Products list. The details for that specific variant will be selected.


For more information on the Veeqo Scanner check out This Guide

Auto-Linking Amazon Listings With Different Conditions

Veeqo will take the Amazon listing condition of the product into account when linking items. If you attempt to link two Amazon listings together that have a different condition then Veeqo will automatically create a different variant for the new condition.

This will prevent incorrect stock levels from being pushed to your Amazon store.

Unable To Ship Using DPD To Certain Shipping Address

If the shipping address contains characters such as Ä a shipping label would not be generated by DPD Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 08.29.38.png For more information on how to setup DPD check out This Guide

Unable To Re-Add An FBA Store

If an Amazon FBA store has been deleted Veeqo would prevent the store from being re-added again FBA.gif For more information on using Amazon FBA with Veeqo check out This Guide

Recently Paid WooCommerce Order Updates

When an unpaid WooCommerce order has been paid the order would not update as paid in Veeqo.

To enable unpaid WooCommerce orders to download to Veeqo go to Settings>Stores. order2.gif For more information on how to setup your WooCommerce store check out This Guide

Deleted Variant Still Available In Purchase Orders

After deleting a variant from your Products catalogue the deleted variant would still be available to add to new purchase orders. product search.gif For more information on the Purchase Order feature check out This Guide

Shopify Order Tags

In Settings>Stores you can enable the option Import Order Tags. With this enabled all tags for new orders placed on the Shopify will also be shown in Veeqo. order tags.gif For more information on how to setup your Shopify store check out This Guide

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