More Detailed Stock History Descriptions

When viewing the stock history of a specific product the following descriptions have been edited:

  • Manually adjusted on the product
  • Order allocated
  • Stock take adjustments

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 10.03.26.png

To view the stock history click on a product from the Products page and then press the Stock History icon history.gif

Make Editing Stock Levels Faster

When manually adjusting stock for a product with multiple variants users would need to wait a few seconds before being able to adjust the stock of the next variant.

There is no need to wait before attempting to adjust the stock of the next variant. This makes adding stock to new products or making adjustments faster. stock.gif

Carrier Shipments Report

The Carrier Shipments report is designed for you to easily see how many shipment you did over a selected period. Screenshot 2019-01-14 13.34.38 (1).png The report is split per carrier making it easier for you to compare with your carrier bill.

To open the report select Reports>Carrier Shipments

For more information check out This Guide

Default Store

If your Veeqo account has more than one Direct/Retail store added then you have to select which store you would like to use when creating a new manual order.

To enable this feature go to Settings>Users and click on your username. Hit the Edit icon. Scroll down to Default Store, choose your preferred one and hit Save.


Now when you create a new order this store is selected by default. You can still go ahead and choose another store if you prefer.

For more information check out This Guide.

Android / Scanner - Full product / variant title now shows when Booking In stock

When booking in stock against a Purchase Order, the full product title and variant options are now displayed.

Adjusting stock for multi-variant products resets the warehouse

A fix to stop the warehouse resetting when you have multiple warehouses and you're adjusting the stock of a multi-variant product. The warehouse would reset after updating the first variant's stock level.

Setting default warehouse when creating Purchase Order

Creating a purchase order is now set to pre-select your default warehouse and save switching warehouse.

Edit Shipping Address When Re-Shipping

Sometimes customers can enter their address incorrectly when creating their orders. If the parcel has got lost on its way to the customer you can now re-ship the items and edit the address all at the same time.

From the Order Summary find the Shipment and hit the Re-Ship Icon. Choose Select Items To Be Re-Shipped Later and enter the quantity you want to re-ship. Check the option Change Shipping Address then make any edits to the address before hitting Book Reshipment.
reship address.gif For more information on how to re-ship your part of your orders check out This Guide

Hide Deleted Suppliers On Products

After a supplier has been deleted in Veeqo it was still visible on the Suppliers tab of the product. suppliers.gif For more information on how to use Purchase Orders in Veeqo check out This Guide

DPD Multi-Parcel

Split your order across multiple parcels with DPD to take advantage of their additional parcel rates multi.gif For more information check out This Guide

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