Improved Vend POS integration

You now have the option to not pull orders marked 'parked' into your Veeqo account. To enable this setting on your account please contact our support team.


Improved Veeqo Scanner Operation

We have improved the operation of the Veeqo Scanner.

📶 'Pick Order Screen' only sees orders that are ‘Ready to ship'.

📶 Digital picking now shows the variant title on pickable line items.

📶 The scanner can now show and manage more than 6 line items per order.

📶 'Pick to pile' is refreshed for each user after a batch is completed.


Improved Amazon Shipping Rules

Amazon Shipping One Day Tracked and Amazon Shipping Standard Tracked are now able to be selected in Veeqo Rules.


Push order refunds to Magento

You can now push full order refunds to Magento directly from your Veeqo account. We are currently developing the ability to also do partial refunds. Logo

Shopify Locations Added

BETA - Veeqo now fully integrates with Shopify Multiple Locations giving you the ability to connect Shopify Locations (WEB & POS) to your Veeqo warehouses. Orders and inventory levels are automatically synced in Veeqo and Shopify allows you to easily manage your multichannel retail operation. To enable Shopify Multiple Locations Support for your account please contact customer support.


Even more shipping courier integrations are now live

You can now connect directly through your Veeqo account to even more Shipping Couriers including Yodel, DX, DHL DE, Hermes World, Asendia and APC Overnight.


Add Internal Notes to Orders

You can now add Internal Notes to orders through the Rules Feature that will allow information to appear on customer invoices.

For example, when an order is created that contains a specific product you can add an internal note that says "Coupon - 123-ABC". When the customer prints the invoice for this order this internal note will appear on the template so the customer can use the coupon the next time they order.


Find out more about Order Rules in our Help Guide

NEW: Inventory Forecast Feature

We recently shipped 📦 our new Inventory Forecast feature.

It allows you to quickly develop accurate re-order forecasts based on your previous sales history, current stock, delivery lead times, outstanding purchase orders, backorders, and any stock transfers in progress.

We've also connected it with purchase orders to allow you to easily re-order from your suppliers, by email, in a few clicks.


Find out more information in our Help Guide

Improvement to Amazon FBM orders

Orders are now downloaded for Amazon FBM even if the listing is with a linked Amazon FBA account. Orders are now checked for listings in both FBM and FBA accounts.


Amazon FBA inbound and transfer stock (Beta)

You can now see your Amazon FBA inbound and transfer stock quantities per product. Manage your FBA inventory levels directly in Veeqo.


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