Hide Items That Aren't Returning/Refunding

Products will be hidden on a saved Returns/Refund if there is no expected stock return or refund quantity.

This makes it easier to see which items you're actually expecting to be returned/refunded zero.gif For more information on creating a Return or Refund in Veeqo check out This Guide

Min, Max & Reorder Quantity Per Warehouse

Each product can have a different Min, Max and Reorder quantity at each warehouse. This is great if you tend to stock different amounts of the same item at each of your warehouses.

This figure will be used when generating a Purchase Order for the items and will help you order exactly what you need.

To adjust the amounts find the product from the Products page. If the product is a variant select the specific variant and the warehouse from the dropdown. Then enter the quantity. minstock.gif For more information on Purchase Orders check out This Guide

Allocate Stock To Pending FBA Orders

To improve the accuracy of the available stock in inventory reports and prevent overselling Veeqo will now allocate stock to FBA orders that are still pending. Amazon-FBA.png For more information on getting started with Amazon FBA check out This Guide

Amazon FBM Stock Not Updating

When the same product is available as a Fulfilled By Amazon listing and the Fulfilled By Merchant listing is out of stock, Veeqo would not push stock changes to the Amazon FBM listing. This would result in available FBM stock not being visible to customers. amazon-FBM-2.jpg

For more information on how to setup your Amazon store check out This Guide

Master of Price For All Amazon Stores

Push price changes to Amazon US, FR, DE etc. Previously it was only possible to use Veeqo as Master of Price for Amazon UK only.

To update the price on your Amazon store, first search for the product on the Products page. Then adjust the amount in the Price column.

If the product is not a variant you will see the store prices on the left hand side.


For more information check out This Guide

Auto Assign PO Number To Imported POs

When creating a new Purchase Order via a CSV import a PO number will be automatically assigned to it.


For more information on how to import a PO into Veeqo check out This Guide

DPD/DPD Local Fails To Create Label With International Addresses

When shipping an order to an address that contains a non-English character such as à DPD/DPD Local will not generate the label. These unsupported characters are not converted to the closest English alphabet equivalent when shipping with DPD/DPD Local.


For more information on how to setup DPD with Veeqo check out This Guide

Supplier Lead Time

Each product can have a Lead Time set for each Supplier. This will be used in the upcoming Inventory Forecast Report.

To add a supplier lead time go to Products>Suppliers and click on a specific supplier. Choose the Products tab and set the value in Lead Time for each product.

supplier lead time.gif

Additional DPD Service Available For Order Rules

The following DPD service is now available when creating Smart Order Rules:

  • Parcel - DPD Classic (2 to 3 Days)

dpd classic.gif For more information on how to automate your workflow by creating Smart Order Rules check out This Guide

Discount Tax Calculations

For Magento stores that have the setting Apply Discount On Prices: Including Tax the Total Tax would be calculated incorrectly in Veeqo.

If you have this setting on your Magento store please contact support via helpme@veeqo.com or using the Chat. The support team will be able to change the setting so that your new orders will have the correct tax rates. magento-logo.jpg

For more information on how to setup your Magento store please check out This Guide

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