Orders statuses not updating from 'payment required' FIX

An issue affecting orders not updating from 'Payment Required' to 'Ready to ship' has been resolved.

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WooCommerce returns & refunds

Veeqo retailers can now create customer returns and refunds for Woocommerce orders in our BETA test.

Highlights include:

  • Manage customer returns
  • Create partial, full and custom refunds
  • Push returns information back to your WooCommerce store

To get involved in the BETA and have your say before the full roll out contact helpme@veeqo.com

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myHermes international shipment issues now fixed

Parcel contents and price is now included on shipping label for International shipment. Resolving any issues had with international shipments myHermeslogobetter.png

BETA test Veeqo's new Wholesale invoice page

Our new Wholesale invoice screen is almost ready to be launched, and we're currently looking for a handful of Veeqo retailers who can try out the BETA.

You will be able to:

  • View all wholesale invoices on one page.
  • Instantly see where each customer is in their payment process.
  • View the date each invoice was sent, viewed and paid.
  • See which invoices are due, overdue, awaiting payment and paid.

Take a look at this help guide to find out how to test it out

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New Daily Digest email

Veeqo new Daily Digest email will be sent every morning at 6 am to Veeqo admins and certain team members. It contains your business highlights from the previous day with a comparison of the activities from the same day last week.

The highlights include:

  • New customers and orders created
  • Sales per channel
  • Highlights from your pick and pack team
  • Highlights from your supplier
  • Highlights from your inventory

For more information, such as adding and removing team members, follow this help guide.

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FedEx Saturday Service (Express)

Veeqo now supports FedEx Saturday Service (Express), in addition to FedEx OneRate service.


UPS commercial invoice - Fix

An issued occurred where UPS commercial invoices did not display all information needed. Now all details including freight charges, total invoice amount and discount/ rebate amounts are displayed on the invoice.


PrestaShops in open BETA

We are BETA testing our brand new PrestaShop integration, so Veeqo retailers can have their say before the full rollout.

Join the BETA and start

  • Syncing your orders
  • Managing your inventory
  • Shipping orders with any of our 21+ Shipping integrations

All directly in Veeqo.

Follow this help guide to add PrestaShop as a new store

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Get Early Access to Veeqo’s New Orders Screen

We’ve rebuilt the orders page from the ground up to make it faster and easier to use. The update means every member of your team can get the information they need as quickly and simply as possible.

Here’s the highlights:

  • Visible status bar
  • Refined search
  • See what you're searching
  • More filters
  • Faster load time

We’re BETA testing this update to get as much feedback as possible before the full rollout. if you’d like to be involved in the BETA test, simply fill out the form here.

You can also read our help guide to see more about how our new order screen works.

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Royal Mail new Age and ID verification services

Veeqo now supports Royal Mails new Age and ID verification product for Royal Mail Tracked & Special Delivery.

This means there will be new sections on shipping labels for 'Age verification', for orders with age restrictions.