Setting default warehouse when creating Purchase Order

Creating a purchase order is now set to pre-select your default warehouse and save switching warehouse.

Edit Shipping Address When Re-Shipping

Sometimes customers can enter their address incorrectly when creating their orders. If the parcel has got lost on its way to the customer you can now re-ship the items and edit the address all at the same time.

From the Order Summary find the Shipment and hit the Re-Ship Icon. Choose Select Items To Be Re-Shipped Later and enter the quantity you want to re-ship. Check the option Change Shipping Address then make any edits to the address before hitting Book Reshipment.
reship address.gif For more information on how to re-ship your part of your orders check out This Guide

Hide Deleted Suppliers On Products

After a supplier has been deleted in Veeqo it was still visible on the Suppliers tab of the product. suppliers.gif For more information on how to use Purchase Orders in Veeqo check out This Guide

DPD Multi-Parcel

Split your order across multiple parcels with DPD to take advantage of their additional parcel rates multi.gif For more information check out This Guide

Include Warehouse Address On PO Export

Purchase Orders can be exported to CSV format. If you have a selected warehouse and not entered a different Ship To Address then the warehouse address will be used in the following CSV Columns:

  • shippingaddressline_1
  • shippingaddressline_2
  • shippingaddresstown
  • shippingaddressstate
  • shippingaddresspostcode
  • shippingaddresscountry po export.gif For more information on how to use Purchase Orders check out This Guide

Incoming Stock On Products Report

The incoming stock figure on the Product Report was not resetting after the items have been marked as received on an Active Purchase Order incoming.gif For more information on how to get the most out of the Product Report check out This Guide

Export All Products On Products Report

When generating a CSV export from the Products Report all items will now be exported even if there are no sales. This makes it easier to see which products have not had any sales during the selected period

To export your report go to Reports>Product Report and click on the CSV button product.gif For more information on how to get the most out of Veeqo's Products Reports check out This Guide

Shopify Tax Rounding

Some orders were calculated with a 0.01 difference between Shopify and Veeqo. Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 10.44.27.png

Show User Who Took Payment On Order History

The user name of the person who took the payment was being shown as the user who created the order in the History tab.

The actual user who marked the order as paid is now shown int he History tab orderhistory.gif

Simple Bulk Ship (MyHermes)

It's now possible to ship more than one order at a time with MyHermes. As long as all the selected orders are being shipped using the same MyHermes service you can generate labels and shipments for them all in a few clicks.

To start shipping first Select Your Orders then hit Ship. Choose MyHermes from the Select Shipping Carrier dropdown and then your chosen Service

Note: This does not work with shipping rules and additional service options can't be selected currently. myhermes.gif

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