Sales Report - Group By Country

Some users were having problems loading the Group By Country sorting option on the Sales Report after selecting a date range.

Update Sales Report For Historic Orders

If a historic order has been edited in Veeqo the Sales Report will reflect these changes, which makes the historic report more accurate.

Support GMT+10:00 Timezone For WooCommerce

WooCommerce stores that use the GMT+10:00 time setting will now show the matching Order Creation date in Veeqo.

Show Lister Errors For Amazon Italy

If listing an item to Amazon Italy and it fails Veeqo will now display the error from Amazon.

Additional Options For Email Templates

You can now add the following to your Veeqo Email Templates:

  • Customer Notes
  • Delivery method
  • Payment method

To edit your templates head to Settings>Email Templates. For more detailed information on how to add the new fields check out this helpguide:

Reduce Clicks To Ship

To make shipping faster you no longer have to choose the Template Type when printing your Invoices, Packing Slips and labels etc. To take advantage of this feature head to Settings>Printing Templates and choose the Template Type you would like to default to for your existing documents.

Generate Unique Royal Mail Delivery Confirmation

When re-shipping in Veeqo the same Delivery Confirmation Number would be re-used. This could cause errors on Royal Mail, so now a unique Delivery Confirmation Number/Tracking Number is used when re-shipping.

Delete Delivery Methods

If you would like to permanently remove Delivery Methods from your Veeqo account go to Settings>Delivery Method and hit the trashcan icon next to the one you'd like to remove.

Note: This can not be undone. Also if the Delivery Method you have deleted still exists on your store it will be re-created in Veeqo once an order is placed with that Delivery Method.

Remove Overlapping "Other" Text From New Courier Logo

The text "Other" was overlapping the updated Courier Logo on the order ship screen. This has been removed to match the existing couriers.

Add Definition Of Integrate Label In Popup

Explain the Integrated Label feature with pop-up text over the checkbox on the Print All screen.

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