Variant Weight on Order Export

To make it easier to import your orders into additional couriers the individual weight of a product is included on the Order Export under the column variant_weight.

To export your orders simply hit the Export button from the orders page. export.gif

For more information on what else is included on an order CSV export check out This Guide

Support Royal Mail Saturday Delivery (NOTHS)

The delivery method Saturday Delivery has been included as an accepted delivery method for Not On The High Street orders 230-6a38bb53d664cb4006e88104986e1768.png For more information on Not On The High Street check out This Guide

Icons For Deleted Stores Still Display

When viewing the Products page icons for deleted stores will still be displayed. This can be confusing as it looks as though these products are still linked to that deleted store.

To remove an existing store head to Settings>Stores, check the store and hit Archive Store Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 12.28.47.png

Picked Status For Order Rules

A new condition to check if an order has been marked as Picked. An order can be marked as picked by Digital Picking, Mobile Picking or in app from Orders>Pick.

To create a new Rule head to Settings>Rules. picked.gif For more information on other available conditions check out This Guide

Identify Mergeable Orders

It can take a long time to go through every order to try and identify which ones could potentially be shipped together. Veeqo will now check the postcode of the address in your Ready To Ship orders and identify these as possible matches.

Similar addresses will be highlighted in the same colour and grouped together

You can then tag these to help identify them during picking/packing. You can generate a shipping label from one order and then mark the second order as Shipped By Other.

To use this filter select Yes in the Mergeable filter on the Orders page. mergeable.gif For more information check out This Guide

Same Batch Assigned To Two Users

If two users hit Accept Batch at the exact same time when using Digital Picking there was a possibility that they could be assigned the same group of orders.

Veeqo will now check to make sure no other users have been assigned the same orders.


For more information on Digital Picking in Veeqo check out This Guide

Sync Royal Mail Services Daily

To help prevent you from breaking your contract with Royal Mail Veeqo checks which services Royal Mail your account has access to every day. This will prevent you from getting surcharges by hiding restricted services.

If you notice a service you usually use is no longer available please contact your Royal Mail account manager. royalmail.gif For more information on Royal Mail check out This Guide

Yodel (Beta)

Ship your orders and print out your Yodel labels directly in Veeqo.

To sign up to the beta and for more information please complete This Short Form


Support For Magento Bundles

Magento Bundles are "build your own" customisable products. Orders that contain these types of items can now be pulled into Veeqo with the bundles price if:

  1. On Magento the bundle pricing option is set to Fixed and the bundle has a price.

  2. If you are using Dynamic bundle pricing on Magento then the bundle price will need to be less than or equal to the total of the bundle components if the customer was to purchase the items individually.

maxresdefault (1).jpg For more information on Veeqo's Magento integration check out This Guide

Shopify Stock Level Updates

When extremely large Stock CSV imports are uploaded into Veeqo at the same time it can cause a delay to update stock on Shopify.

These large CSV imports are now diverted to their own queue to prevent stock updates being delayed for other stores. maxresdefault.jpg For more information on how to connect your Shopify store to Veeqo check out This Guide

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