Show Company Name On Hermes World (Beta) Label

The Company line on the Veeqo order will show on shipping labels for Hermes World. This will help make sure your shipments arrive to the correct address AAA2.png If you would like to try our Hermes World beta check out This Guide

Support DHL DE Packstation Deliveries

Orders that contain the phrase 'Packstation' in the delivery address will now default to DHL DE Packstation service to ensure delivery to the postoffice is successful. Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.53.47.png If you would like to test our DHL DE Beta please complete This Form

Some Labels Were Not Generating For Asendia (Beta)

When shipping orders using Asendias Premium Goods service the label was failing to generate


If you would like to try out the Beta for Asendia please complete This Form

Enable/Disable Royal Mail Saturday Guaranteed

When shipping using Special Delivery there is now an option to choose Saturday Guaranteed on the Bulk Shipping screen sd1.gif For more information on using Royal Mail with Veeqo check out This Guide

Only Show Relevant Parcel Options

When bulk shipping using Royal Mail some options are hidden if they are no longer relevant for the selected service. bulk.gif For more information on how to use Royal Mail and Veeqo check out This Guide

Better Errors For Amazon Logistics

If an error occurs when attempting to ship using Amazon Logistics there is now more detailed information available. This will help make troubleshooting easier

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 10.29.00.png

Missing Purchase Order Product Titles

When creating a new Purchase Order via CSV Import some users reported missing product titles. titles.gif

For more information on how to use the Purchase Order feature check out This Guide

Shipping Rule For Amazon Prime (Beta)

You can create Smart Order Rules to pre-select an Amazon Prime Service when shipping an order.

For more information on other available Pilot Actions check out This Guide amazon.gif To sign up to the Pilot Beta please fill out This Form

Stock Changing Issues With Mobile

For newly created products manual changes to the stock levels using the mobile apps would fail to save.


Order search filtering by 'most recent'

To show your order search results by the most recent, select the dropdown on the edge of the search bar and select the option 'Recent orders first'.


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