Shipping Confirmation Email Error With Delivery Method

If the Shipping Confirmation template had been edited the section of the email that displayed the Delivery Method and Date/Time was showing html code to the end customer

Product Export Failing

Some accounts had trouble exporting products to CSV if it contained kits.exportsup2.gif For more steps on how to export your products check out This Guide

Changing Supplier On Draft PO Removes Products

If a Supplier is changed on a Draft Purchase Order any products previously added will be removed. This is to prevent errors in reporting and attempts to order products from a supplier that does not stock the items currency.gif For more information on Purchase Orders check out This Guide

Product Stock History Not Showing Received

After an item has been received in a Purchase Order the Stock History for the product did not show the details in the Actions column stockhistory.gif For more information on Purchase Orders check out This Guide

Imported Purchase Order Doesn't Show History

After importing a new Purchase Order the History tab does not show details such as when it was created and the items added. import.gif For more information on Purchase Order check out This Guide

Hide Some Items On Completed Purchase Order

A Completed Purchase Order is used for reference purposes only. The following items are not required on a Completed Purchase Order and can cause confusion:

  • Receive Now
  • In Stock Qty
  • Incoming
  • Qty After
  • Line Item Check Boxes
  • Product To Order Section (includes search and + icons)

complete.gif For more details on Veeqo's Purchase Orders check out This Guide

Can Import A Purchase Order Without A Warehouse

Purchase Orders should always be associated with a Warehouse. This is where the inventory will be added once the items are marked as received. When importing a Purchase Order by CSV if the Warehouse field is blank the import will fail and an error will be sent to the users email address import.gif For more information on Purchase Orders check out This Guide

Multiple Pages For Purchase Order History

Events and changes to a Purchase Order can build up over time. The Purchase Order History tab now has multiple pages so you can go through all events and see which users made the changes. pag.gif For more information on Purchase Orders please check out This Guide

Prevent Cost & Tax Edits On PO If Item Has Been Partially Received

To prevent your reporting from becoming inaccurate the Supplier Cost Price and Supplier Tax Rate on a Purchase Order can not be edited once that item has been partially received Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 09.11.36.png For more information on Purchase Orders check out This Guide

Allow Editing Of Active Purchase Orders

After a Purchase Order has been sent to the supplier there may be times when an item isn't available but can be replaced by another item. As long as this item hasn't been partially or fully received it can be removed from the purchase order. New items can also be added as well.

After you have made any changes it is recommended that the updated purchase order is emailed to the supplier again. edit.gif For more information on Purchase Orders check out This Guide

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