Paperless Picking Without Tote/Container Barcodes

When picking orders that are automatically assigned using Veeqo Scanners or the Android App you are forced to scan Tote barcodes before you can start picking. This extra step can reduce your efficiency when picking.

In this Beta you will be able to bypass this by setting the option Will picking containers be used to collect the items? to No in Settings>Digital Picking.

If you'd like to take part in this Beta please fill out this application form and I'll email you instructions on how to get started.

Shopify HS code and country of origin now in Veeqo

Our integration with Shopify now allows you to import product HS code and country of origin

Once your Shopify product is linked to a Veeqo product, we will pull down HS code and country of origin for it. 

To enable it, please visit "Advanced Settings" of your Shopify channel and enable “Import HS code and country of origin details” setting. After that details will appear in "Product Info" tab on product page and can be used for further actions. 

Brand New Redesign

What’s changed? The new interface will make it much easier for you to use Veeqo and will affect how pages within Veeqo will look. But don’t fear, it’s still the same Veeqo you know and love and you’ll still be able to use the platform in the same way you currently do.

We will also be upgrading some of the functionality for the following features:
Please click the links above to see the upgraded functionality in more detail.

Renaming of Backlog in Picking Dashboard

To help make the Picking Dashboard more easier to understand we have renamed "Backlog" to "at the start of the working day". This number shows the total number of products that were needing to be picked. It includes any products that were still not picked from the previous day

For more information on using the Picking Dashboard check out This Helpguide.

Export only selected products


Choose to export only specific product variants on the Inventory Page, instead of waiting for your entire product catalog to be downloaded. Because the file size is smaller, your export will also be ready much faster. 

There are several export options: 

  • Only export selected variants
  • Only export variants on the current page
  • Only export all variants in the current filter
  • Export all variants 

This feature is available on the new Inventory Page, which we’re currently hard at work building. If you’re interested in participating in the beta, please click here.

Faster bulk shipping

Bulk creating shipping labels will now be faster and substantially faster if your orders contain multiple products and bundle products.

We have moved calculating inventory qty levels to be asynchronous when shipping to enable this speed boost, which means it might take a few seconds to the inventory move from "committed" to "actual" but this will not impact your available inventory levels.

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