Paperless Picking Without Tote/Container Barcodes

When picking orders that are automatically assigned using Veeqo Scanners or the Android App you are forced to scan Tote barcodes before you can start picking. This extra step can reduce your efficiency when picking.

In this Beta you will be able to bypass this by setting the option Will picking containers be used to collect the items? to No in Settings>Digital Picking.

If you'd like to take part in this Beta please fill out this application form and I'll email you instructions on how to get started.

Unable To Create New Manual Orders

For some users that signed up to the Free Trial from the Shopify App Store they were unable to save new direct orders in Veeqo. This was a result of some minor changes that were required to make it easier to setup Veeqo directly from the Shopify App Store.

If you have a Veeqo account that was created by the Shopify App Store you will now be able to create your new direct orders.

For more information on how to create new orders directly in Veeqo check out this guide.

Automatically Close Actions Menu

After performing an action on a set of orders the menu would not automatically close. This resulted in an unnecessary click every time you wanted to work on your next set of orders.

This is no longer required as the menu will automatically hide once you have performed an action such as Print, Ship, Export etc

Re-Shipping Without Any Items

With the Re-Ship feature you can quickly set how many of each items you need to re-ship to a customer. The feature made it possible to create a re-shipment without any items. This caused some orders to stay in Ready To Ship and would need a member of the support team to remove the allocation.

Now an error is shown to prevent these accidental re-shipments being made

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