Paperless Picking Without Tote/Container Barcodes

When picking orders that are automatically assigned using Veeqo Scanners or the Android App you are forced to scan Tote barcodes before you can start picking. This extra step can reduce your efficiency when picking.

In this Beta you will be able to bypass this by setting the option Will picking containers be used to collect the items? to No in Settings>Digital Picking.

If you'd like to take part in this Beta please fill out this application form and I'll email you instructions on how to get started.

Shipping API Beta

Veeqo already supports many shipping carriers, but sometimes you still may need to ship some orders using an unsupported carrier. With the new Shipping API you can use your own development team to integrate any of your additional carriers into Veeqo.

  • Show Rates & Services - You'll be able to see your custom carriers rates so you can continue to compare them against any other carriers you have connected.
  • Print Shipping Labels - Create shipping labels for each of your orders.

The Shipping API is currently only available to those on the Enterprise Plan or for partners developing integrations for the Veeqo Appstore. If you have a development team ready to build a shipping integration for you please fill out This Form to join our Shipping API Beta.

For more information check out the Help Guide.

Multi-Piece Shipments - Saved Package Beta

For some carriers you can ship multiple parcels to the same customer for a cheaper rate than creating individual shipments.

For those who are already on the Saved Packages beta we are starting to role out the option to create these multi-piece shipments.

You'll be able to choose from any of the carrier or custom packages you have saved, or enter custom dimensions and weights for each additional package.

Select Both Service & Package On Rules

With the Saved Package Beta you can now set both the carriers service and a specific package using rules. Previously you could set one or the other.

This gives you more control over how your orders should be shipped which can prevent mistakes at the packing station.

Head to Settings>Rules to start creating your new shipping rule.


For more information on rules check out This Guide

General Improvements For Saved Package Beta

We have made some minor improvements to the current Saved Package beta to make it easier to work with on a daily basis.

  • Show an error when attempting to create a package with no dimensions
  • Remove additional scroll when 3 or more carriers are enabled
  • Prevent the browser from auto-suggesting package search

package improvements.gif

If you would like to be considered as a Beta Tester for Saved Packages please fill out This Form

Automatically Set Package Presets

If you are taking part in the Saved Package Beta you can now start using Veeqo’s powerful Order Rules feature you can now assign a particular package to the order. This can save you time as you no longer have to manually select the correct packaging every time you ship an order.

To get your rules setup go to Settings>Rules


For more information on Rules check out This Guide.

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