Prevent Shipping Zero Weight Orders With Royal Mail

Veeqo allowed you to ship using Royal Mails service "INTL BUS PARCELS TRACKED COUNTRY PRICED" without setting a weight. This would result in Royal Mail having to update your Royal Mail invoices to be charged correctly.

To avoid issues with billing Veeqo will prevent you from shipping without setting a weight.

For more information on Royal Mail check out This Guide

Avoid Multiple Allocations by Default

Veeqo makes allocation more seamless.

By default, Veeqo now assumes retailers will ship goods allocated from the same warehouse in the same package.

Inventory will now automatically be added to one allocation per warehouse. This enables you to ship all goods in one package without the manual effort of changing allocations.

How does it work?

  • If this applies to your business, no further action is required. Keep the checkbox checked (in red below) when allocating inventory to an order.
  • If you would like to split a shipment across multiple packages, you can uncheck the checkbox. Please see this guide for more details.

Include UPS Bulk Shipping On Carrier Report

UPS shipments that have been created by bulk shipping are also included on the Carrier Report. This helps improve the accuracy of the report so you can gain better insights on how much your company is being charged by each carrier over time.

To check it out head to Reports>Carrier Shipments.

ups report.gif

For more information on the Carrier Shipments report check out This Guide

Less Fuzzy SKU Filter

When filtering orders using the SKU filter Veeqo will only show orders that contain products with that SKU. This removes the risk of accidentally picking or shipping the wrong orders at the wrong time.


Check out This Guide to find out about all the available filters.

Tidy Up Additional Actions On Orders

When viewing the Order Summary there could be a lot of buttons to choose from. This caused some confusion, especially for new users.

Now the additional actions are combined into a single Actions button. We have also moved this over to the right hand side.


Print More Totes For Advanced Digital Picking

When printing additional tote labels all currently assigned totes would have the items removed. This caused some disruption to picking.

Now if you’re printing out additional labels for totes the existing picks won’t be interrupted

To print out more totes go to Settings>Digital Picking and enter the total number of totes you would like to use. Then hit Print Tote Labels

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 09.14.55.png

For more information on Advanced Digital Picking check out This Guide

Increase DHL DE Character Limit

When creating Shipping labels for DHL DE some addresses can have particularly long 1st lines. Anything more than 22 characters was cut off. The first line address now has a new limit of up to 50 characters.

For more information on shipping with DHL DE check out This Guide

Show Discounted UPS Rates For Free Trials

When starting a new USA free trial account with Veeqo it’s important to be confident that Veeqo offers great discounted rates for UPS. Real live UPS rates are shown on all new Free Trial accounts without having to enter credit card details or connect an account first.

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 10.34.30.png

For information on how to connect either your own UPS Account or to use Veeqo’s great UPS rates check out This Guide

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