Amazon Logistics Label Failing To Generate

When shipping some Amazon orders with Amazon Logistics (aka Buy Labels) the order would be marked as shipped but the label would not get generated. For these occasional orders the user would need to download the label from Amazon Seller Central, which added unnecessary delay to the shipping process.


For more information on Amazon Logistics check out This Guide

Select Both Service & Package On Rules

With the Saved Package Beta you can now set both the carriers service and a specific package using rules. Previously you could set one or the other.

This gives you more control over how your orders should be shipped which can prevent mistakes at the packing station.

Head to Settings>Rules to start creating your new shipping rule.


For more information on rules check out This Guide

DPD Volumetric Weight Restrictions

DPD has the ability to change the dimension and weight limits for each customers contract. As this limit can be greater than standard DPD accounts we have now set the maximum weight and dimensions to match the maximum limits that DPD allows.


For more information on DPD check out This Guide

DPD UK Rules For Amazon Logistics

When shipping your Amazon orders with Amazon Logistics (aka Amazon Buy Labels) you can reduce mistakes and save time by setting up shipping rules. Previously the DPD UK services available with Amazon Logistics were not available in the rules, but now they are!

Head to **Settings>Rules **to start creating your Amazon Logistics shipping rules.


For more information on Rules check out This Guide

DHL Express Shipping Issues With Long Product Titles

When shipping internationally with DHL Express Veeqo needs to provide the product titles. If your Veeqo product titles contained more than 75 characters DHL Express would not generate a shipping label.

To prevent shipping issues Veeqo will now submit the first 75 characters of the product title to DHL Express.


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Broken Yodel Tracking Link

When a customer clicked the link in the dispatch email to view the latest tracking info for their Yodel delivery it wouldn’t load. We have now updated the link so that it will show the customer the correct tracking information for their order.

This will help reduce unnecessary customer queries asking for updates on their package. Meaning your customer support team can spend more time solving more important customer issues.


For more information on Yodel check out This Guide

Send Customers APC Tracking Updates By Text

APC can now directly message customers with tracking updates when an order is shipped in Veeqo. Just make sure that the customer has a mobile number set and APC will provide them with the relevant updates, which can help you provide a better delivery experience to your customers.


For more information on APC check out This Guide

Wrong Product Image On Packing Slips

When printing packing slips it’s important for the pickers and packers to see the correct product image to avoid accidentally picking or packing the wrong item.

If a particular product didn’t have an image set sometimes the printing template would show the image of another product that was part of the packing slip.

Now Veeqo will not show a product image if one isn’t set against the product.

For more information on how we recommend using the packing slip to pick or pack your orders check out This Guide

Less Fuzzy SKU Filter

When filtering orders using the SKU filter Veeqo will only show orders that contain products with that SKU. This removes the risk of accidentally picking or shipping the wrong orders at the wrong time.


Check out This Guide to find out about all the available filters.

Picked By Filter

Easily find orders that a specific team mate has picked using the Picked By filter. When manually creating picking batches you can easily find the items you’ve picked, making it faster to pack.

picked by.gif

For more information on other filters available check out This Guide

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