Default Warehouse When Shipping

When shipping an individual order that has some products allocated to more than one warehouse it can cause confusion at the packing station. Sometimes packers who are in a rush accidentally ship the items for the wrong warehouse, or they have to slow down and double check every order before shipping

 Now when you go to ship an order the users Default Warehouse for that order will load first. Meaning your packers can work fast with the confidence that they are shipping the right part of the order.

To set the default warehouse for your users go to Settings>Users. Edit the user and choose the warehouse from the Default Warehouse option.

For more information on setting Default warehouses check out This Guide

Automatically Create Royal Mail Manifests

Sometimes it's easy to forget to create Royal Mail manifests, especially if you've already created one for orders shipped earlier that day!

Veeqo will now take care of this by automatically creating Royal Mail manifests at 11pm every day. This way you can be reassured that these un-manifested packages won't get lost or delayed as they make their way to your customers.

For more information on Royal Mail check out This Guide.

UPS WorldWide Economy Express

UPS WorldWide Express Economy is a service that allows you to group multiple shipments going to the same country together. This can save you money if you frequently ship lots of items to the same destination.

Note: This service is only supported when using your own UPS account. It is not available using Veeqo's UPS Discounted Rates. It is also only supported when shipping individual orders and not on the bulk shipping screen.

For more information on how to setup this service and start shipping check out This Guide

DPD UK Rules For Amazon Logistics

When shipping your Amazon orders with Amazon Logistics (aka Amazon Buy Labels) you can reduce mistakes and save time by setting up shipping rules. Previously the DPD UK services available with Amazon Logistics were not available in the rules, but now they are!

Head to **Settings>Rules **to start creating your Amazon Logistics shipping rules.


For more information on Rules check out This Guide

Send Customers APC Tracking Updates By Text

APC can now directly message customers with tracking updates when an order is shipped in Veeqo. Just make sure that the customer has a mobile number set and APC will provide them with the relevant updates, which can help you provide a better delivery experience to your customers.


For more information on APC check out This Guide

Picked By Filter

Easily find orders that a specific team mate has picked using the Picked By filter. When manually creating picking batches you can easily find the items you’ve picked, making it faster to pack.

picked by.gif

For more information on other filters available check out This Guide

Duplicate Orders

Save time manually drafting similar orders by creating a copy of an existing Veeqo order.

When viewing an order hit Actions>Duplicate to start drafting a copy of the order. Before saving the duplicate order you can remove or add products and edit the customer, payment and shipping method.


For more information on duplicating orders in Veeqo check out This Guide

Leave A Reason for Manual Stock Adjustment

Get more visibility into why inventory levels are manually changed by your team.

Aug-20-2020 16-42-48.gif

How it works:

  • When this setting is enabled, your team will be required to leave a reason when stock is manually changed in Veeqo
  • This applies to changes made on your computer, your mobile app (Android and iOS) and the Veeqo scanner
  • Select one of the stock change categories, or leave an optional note
  • View the adjustment reason in both your stock history and the Inventory History Report
  • Learn more about this feature

To enable this feature, users with permission to change stock quantity can visit Settings -> Inventory.

Only available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more about Veeqo’s different pricing plans.

The above image shows the new Inventory Page, which we’re currently hard at work building. If you’re interested in participating in the beta, please click here.

Direct/Retail Order Currency Conversion

When you add items to a direct/retail store that is in a different currency the prices will automatically be converted to that currency. Veeqo will use the latest exchange rate to calculate the cost.

To create a new order first make sure you have a direct/retail store added. From Orders hit + New Order to start drafting the order.


For more information check out This Guide

Number Of Line Item Filter

On the latest version of the Orders page you can now set a filter for the number of line items. This can be really useful if you pick orders with different types of picking lists depending on the number of different products in orders.

Click Filters and then choose Number Of Line Items.

number of line items.gif

For more information on other available filters check out This Guide

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